WoohSlim Review – Diet Pill From Malaysia Thats Made in Switzerland

WoohSlim AustraliaWoohSlim – The No.1 weight loss formula in Malaysia

Why You Might Buy It: According to the manufacturers it’s the number 1 weight loss product in Malaysia

Why You Might Not: Not the best formula we have encountered. Others preferred

Our Opinion: Not a product to invest you time and money in.

WoohSlim is a diet pill that’s available to buy via many Malaysian online stores. The stores selling the product claim it’s made in Switzerland.

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If this is true WoohSlim will likely be superior to many of the other offerings the online stores have to offer because manufacturers based in Europe are monitored by official bodies and high standards are expected.

Diet pills produced in Asian countries are not monitored so closely and Chinese diet pills have a particularly bad reputation.

Promised Benefits

  • The No.1 weight loss formula in Malaysia
  • Lose 4-8kg during in the first 10-20 days
  • No dieting or exercise needed
  • The best and safest weight loss program
  • More than 8,000 dieters in Malaysia have lost weight with WoohSlim

Manufacturer Credibility

It’s hard to be certain where these pills originate or who is responsible for bringing them to market. We found the official product website, but it does not provide much information about the product.

The interesting thing is the snippet of information provided is written in English. The “About Us” section is written in German. We translated it and discovered the WoohSlim brand is owned by DODOCO Biotechnology and the company apparently has branches in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Germany. We found records that confirm the company is based in Hong Kong and began trading in 2016.

We were unable to find proof that the other branches exist, but found a website called Celebrity Choice that appears to have ties with the company and is written in very poor English. The “About Us” section states DODOCO Biotechnology is the Mother Company and has over a decade of experience in the slimming and beauty industry. At the time of this review, DODOCO Biotechnology had been trading for just over a year.

WoohSlim Review


The WoohSlim website does not mention a guarantee, but the Celebrity Choice site states: “If you see no results within the 1st 3 days of consumption, kindly return the balance to us and we will guarantee the refund for you. If you don’t feel comfortable with this terms, please do not commit to any purchase.” Somebody, somewhere, deserves a pat on the back for that one. That’s the shortest guarantee period we’ve ever seen.

Recommended Usage – The Woohslim website fails to provide any information about how the product should be used. The online stores that sell the product also omit this important information.

The WoohSlim Formulation

The Celebrity Choice website states “WOOHSLIM adopted Switzerland’s Plant Extraction Technology, combining all A- Grade imported ingredients into 1 single capsule”. Only one of the extracts is named. It’s green tea.

The other ingredients are apparently “more than 10 types of High Grade Chinese herbs”. The amount of green tea used is not disclosed and the herbs are not identified.

Green tea’s ability to support weight loss has been proven again and again. It’s also known to be very good for the health, but the presence of more than 10 unidentified herbs is a cause for concern.

WoohSlim  Side Effects

All the sites marketing the product claim it’s capable of providing weight loss without side effects, but there is no way of ascertaining if this is true because the lack of information about the product contents makes effective evaluation impossible.

A product like this is probably best avoided and should certainly not be consumed without a doctor’s approval.

WoohSlim Customer Comments and Testimonials

The sites marketing the product claim it can provide incredible weight loss and back up the claims with plenty of (unconvincing) photographic evidence. We were unable to find an unbiased source of customer reviews.

WoohSlim Pricing and Availability

It is not possible to buy WoohSlim from the WoohSlim Website. Nor is it possible to make a purchase via the Celebrity Choice website.

Site visitors are encouraged to contact a Celebrity Choice professional adviser instead, but the only way to do so is via a Gmail email address and potential customers are promised a customer choice representative will get back to them within five working days. The pills are available in several Asian online stores, though, and a jar of WoohSlim generally costs around RM 338.64 (USD$ 80).

Should You Buy WoohSlim

WoohSlim is a diet pill that is sold with too little product information and too much hype. We would not like to say where the pills are manufactured, but guess it is probably somewhere in China.

It seems highly likely that DODOCO Biotechnology is the company behind the product, but the fact that official records show it’s a new company, that claims to have been trading for over a decade, does not inspire confidence.

WoohSlim is also a very expensive product, sold with a ridiculously short guarantee. It’s potential to cause side effects is not known and the only customer feedback available comes via sites that are trying to encourage people to buy the product.

WoohSlim fails to meet any of the criteria required for a place on our list of approved weight loss products.

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