Phenocal Review – Is It A Diet Pill to Put Your Trust In

Phenocal diet pill bottle

Phenocal weight loss capsules are produced in the USA by Pharmaxa Labs.

The majority of their marketing seems to be done via the Phenocal website, which has a clean, professional look that creates a good first impression.

The manufacturers claim Phenocal is “The #1 Rated Weight Loss Product“. That’s a pretty standard claim as well. Isn’t it funny how manufacturers making these claims always neglect to say who has voted their product no.1?

Pharmaxa Labs make all the usual claims for their product:

  • Dynamic fat burner
  • Extreme energizer
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Patented ingredients

What Is Phenocal and How Does It Work?

Phenocal is a combined fat burner and appetite suppressant in capsule form. The capsules contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that are claimed to “turbo charge” weight loss and provide fast and dramatic results, but the Phenocal website fails to provide any usage instructions.

Phenocal is a fat burner designed and marketed towards an American audience and customer base. There is nothing ultimately that would prevent a purchase from the UK it would be pretty irrelevant considering the quality of diet products we have at our disposal.

Logistics aside, Phenocal invite you “rev up your fat loss” whilst offering you free trail. We advise UK consumers not to take up their kind offer as some free trials are of a dubious nature and once you sign up you may find it difficult to cancel a contract that could tie you in receiving monthly shipments. Be warned.

Phenocal Australia

Phenocal Quick Look

A combination of the following ingredients:

How Does Phenocal Work

It is formulated to increase the metabolic rate while suppressing appetite and raising energy levels.

Phenocal Side Effects

Although nothing of any great severity has been documented there have been reports of some users suffering from headache, dizziness, restlessness and nausea.

As a precautionary measure nursing or expectant mothers are advised to not use unless advised to do so by their GP or doctor.

Does Phenocal Work

Although the ingredient list does contain substances that have an association with weight loss, the formula does not contain anything that surpasses some of the premium products currently in circulation. Success stories are conspicuous by their absence.

Where To Buy Phenocal In Australia

The official website appears to be the only stockist – there is not a stockist in Australia that sells.

Key Ingredients

Phenocal’s proprietary blend contains over 20 ingredients. That’s a lot. Contrary to the popular saying, there is not always strength in numbers.

Such a large variety of ingredients can only result in insufficient inclusion rates. The use of a proprietary blend also means inclusion rates are not provided for many of the ingredients. This makes it impossible to say how good—or bad—the blend may be.

Phenocal state that 2,230mg of their proprietary blend contains:

Green Tea LeafGlucomannan
L-TyrosineCocoa Extract
Hoodia GordoniGarcinia Cambogia
Yerba MateColeus Forskohli (aka Forskolin)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)5 HTP (5-hydroxyptophan)

Glucomannan swells in the stomach to make it feel full and suppress the appetite. It works, but there would need to be enough of it present to swell up in the first place and this seems unlikely.

A few of the other ingredients may also have appetite suppressing qualities and garcinia cambogia may provide both appetite suppression and fat burning, but combined with so many ingredients, the only benefit it will provide here is as a selling point on the label.

Other ingredients (with inclusion rates):

  • Fucoxanthin (100mg):  A type of brown kelp believed to assist fat burning.
  • Chromium (Picolinate) (100mcg):  A popular ingredient in weight loss blends, but its supposed fat-busting prowess has been discredited by the National Institute of Health.
  • Bioperine (2.5mg):  A patented form of the alkaloid piperine (found in black pepper). Piperine is a tested and proven metabolism booster.

And then there are the vitamins:

Biotin , Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B3

Customer Feedback

The Phenocal website contains several glowing testimonials, but scrolling down the webpage and reading the small print at the bottom reveals something interesting.“All testimonials have been remunerated.”

So the testimonials are are bought and paid for—and unlikely to be unbiased.

And it gets better:“Testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their names and/or photos.”

“Adapted pictures” of people who may or not have made the statements beside them? It always pays to read the small print.

Independent reviews can only be more reliable:“I took this product for a month, and did not lose a pound. I didn’t feel energized either. It’s a waste of money.”“I have GAINED 4 lbs. in 2 weeks. I am going to attempt to get my money back although I hear that it is pretty much impossible. I’ll just consider this an expensive lesson learned! I hope I can help someone else save the money and aggravation!”

Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

The manufacturers do not mention any side effects, but with such a large and varied mix of ingredients—many of them in unknown amounts—it is hard to say what this blend may or may not do to the user, but some of the ingredients do have known side effects.

Pregnant and nursing mothers are warned against using this product, and it may not be suitable for anyone with known health issues. Medical consultation is advised before use.

Do We Recommend

The best thing Phenocal has to offer is probably the 60 day money back guarantee because at least customers will be able to ask for their money back if and when the product fails to work or makes them ill.

The manufacturer’s misleading sales tactics (adapted pictures etc.) fail to inspire trust and independent feedback predominantly suggests that the product fails to produce results. Phenocal is not a recommended product.

Purchasing Options and Buying Incentives

Phenocal diet capsules are available on the Amazon website, but the majority of online sales appear to be handled by HealthWeb Shopping, who seem to be Pharmaxa Labs’ preferred retail partner.

A Phenocal starter pack costs $39.95 plus shipping, but the company waive the shipping charge on all orders over $60 (including international orders).

Bulk buy discounts are available, and the Phenocal website provides coupons to secure further discounts.

An onsite statement also points out that a free ebook and pedometer will be shipped with every “order today”, but the same statement appears day after day and is obviously intended to encourage customers to make a quick decision to buy.

Is there a Guarantee?

All purchases are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ Australia

The “phen” part of the brand name suggest that Phenocal is competing in the Phentermine marketplace – if this is the case then there is no comparison to the market leader PhenQ.

PhenQ is a combination fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant and to say it has become the best selling non prescription commercial diet pill is an understatement.

Read more on Phen Q here

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