PhenQ Review With Customer Before and After Photos

PhenQ is one of the most popular fat burners the world over (US, Canada, Australia and the UK and Ireland). This review has been updated for 2022

This review will detail what this weight loss pill does and how it can help shed unwanted kilo’s. We will also give details as to how to buy cost effectively and what the shipping arrangements are.

PhenQ – Multi benefit diet diet pill

Why You Might Buy It: Multi action, lots of positive reviews, long guarantee, excellent ingredient profile containing many slimming substances.

Why You Might Not: Only available from official website

Our Opinion: A great weight loss fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant. Strong buy!

PhenQ can be ordered direct from it’s own official website – the website is in multiple languages and most currencies including US$, AUD$, CAD$, € and £


PhenQ is not available from Chemist Warehouse, Pharmacy Online, Priceline, Blooms, Terry White and other Australian Pharmacies and supplements stockists

Complete PhenQ Review

Delivery is free anywhere in the world – then there is the 60 day refund policy. You cannot buy PhenQ from Amazon, GNC or in store at Chemist Warehouse etc…

There is currently not a valid coupon code as the the special offer takes precedence.

When it comes to getting results, you’re not going to find a diet pill that has a better reputation than PhenQ. Scroll down for some before and after photo’s.

PhenQ on social media

It’s also probably the first natural weight loss product to be sold alongside the promise of a 60-day money back guarantee.

This kind of guarantee is pretty much the norm these days, but when PhenQ was launched, in 2015, the promise of such a lengthy guarantee caused quite a stir and many die pill manufacturers felt the need to offer a similar guarantee to try and remain competitive.

What Is PhenQ

PhenQ is a diet pill designed to provide dieters with multiple benefits. Health and nutrition experts say pills that offer dieters help in several different ways work better than the more traditional type of dietary aid that only offers one or two benefits.

PhenQ is designed to support the process of weight loss by providing such a broad range of benefits it’s sometimes said to be as good as several ordinary diet pills rolled into one.

How people lose weight with PhenQ diet pills
PhenQ is a very community based weight loss product

Key Weight Loss Benefits

Dieters who opt to lose weight with PhenQ are offered 5 key benefits:

APPETITE SUPPRESSION: Feeling of hunger are kept under control. This enables people to eat less food without having to feel they are starving themselves or being forced to face the torment of food cravings.

FAT BURNING: The body begins breaking down its stores of fat and using them as a source of energy or loses them into the atmosphere by converting them to heat (thermogenic fat burning).

BLOCKS FAT PRODUCTION: The body breaks its natural programming and becomes less predisposed to converting calories to fat.

ENHANCED MOOD: Lessens the likelihood of diet induced depression and irritability caused by the loss of favorite foods. Also helps quell the desire to comfort eat.

BOOSTED ENERGY: Prevents diet-related fatigue and provides some extra go to users who are trying to get the best weight loss results by combining a low-calorie diet with exercise.

PhenQ Features

  • Manufactured in GMP and FDA approved facilities in the UK and USA
  • Made From 100% Vegan and Vegetarian Ingredients
  • No Reported Side Effects
  • 190,000+ Satisfied Customers
  • No Prescription Required
  • Multi-Buy Discounts
  • Free Shipping (Worldwide)
Dosage – Two doses are required each day. One at breakfast and another with lunch.

Why Use PhenQ

Ingredients of the fat burner formula

Like most diet pills, PhenQ was created in response to the global obesity epidemic. At the turn of the century, there were more than 300 million obese adults in the world and the problem continues to get worse, endangering the health and quality of life of the individuals concerned and placing an unnecessary stress on public health services.

PhenQ is also designed to provide dieters with a safe and legal alternative to Phentermine.

The weight loss drug Phentermine first became available as a prescription medication in 1959. It’s ability to support weight loss is proven, but it’s capable of causing a range of nasty side effects and can also be addictive.

Despite its failings, Phentermine remains a much sought after drug and many dieters are willing to risk their health by using supplies of the drug they have bought online or obtained via other illegal channels.

What Is In PhenQ – Ingredients

  • A-Lacys reset
    : A proprietary blend created by Nutraceuticals International Group. The participants who took part in early trials lost 7.24% of their body fat and attained a 3.8% improvement in muscle mass.
  • Caffeine: A fast-acting stimulant that delivers a noticeable energy boost and is also a proven fat burner.
  • Nopal: A renowned appetite suppressant taken from a species of cactus. Scientific study shows nopal also blocks the absorption of dietary fat.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Research conducted at the University of Tennessee shows calcium breaks down fat cells and decreases the likelihood of fresh cells being created to replace them.
  • Capsimax Powder
    Capsimax Powder:
    A patented ingredient that takes a lot of its power from capsicum extract, but also contains some niacin, caffeine and piperine. Capsicum extract can suppress the appetite but is generally more respected for its fat burning ability. Niacin boosts the metabolism and helps improve the circulation. This allows the blood to carry extra nutrients to the brain and other important organs. Niacin is also believed to have value as an anti-depressant. Piperine helps ensure the other ingredients are absorbed efficiently.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Chromium prevents the blood sugar spikes that can trigger a desire for sweet food.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate: Research conducted at the University of Rome suggests L-Carnitine can help prevent fatigue.

PhenQ Guarantee

The PhenQ customer services department is available 24-hours a day via email and online chat. There is also a customer services telephone hotline. The PhenQ guarantee period is 60 days and an additional 7 days are added to this to allow for postal delays.

PhenQ customer before and after photos

PhenQ Customer Reviews, Opinions and Testimonials

“I’m losing 9-14 pounds with every bottle I take. I’m going jogging and stuff, and trying to eat good, but I was doing the same before I began using the pills and nothing was happening.”
“I didn’t want to look like a beached whale when I hit the beach on my hols so I bought phenq. It did the trick alright. After only 8 weeks I’d lost nearly 50lbs and could relax on the beach without worrying about how I looked.”
“This is the only diet pill that has not caused me to experience side effects. It’s also the only one that works for me. I’ve already lost nearly 30kg and haven’t felt so good in years.”

PhenQ before and after photo's

See more testimonials and customer reviews

Does PhenQ Cause Side Effects

PhenQ was developed to help people to lose weight without side effects. Customer reviews suggest it does what it’s intended to do.

In Summary

This is a quality product that’s designed to work in a manner that is known to be effective and the formulation contains some very credible ingredients.

Customer reviews show it lives up to the expectations the marketing material is likely to instil in potential users.

The price per bottle is very reasonable for diet pills of this caliber, and the guarantee provides customers with extra peace of mind. We have no hesitation in adding PhenQ to our list of approved weight loss products.

Where To Buy PhenQ

Available to buy exclusively from the PhenQ Australia official website.

There are multi language option and multi currency options available.

There are special offers from time with the current best deal being buy 3 and get a further 2 bottles free of charge.

Delivery is free anywhere in the world – then there is the 60 day refund policy.

Buy PhenQ Australia

PhenQ is not available from Chemist Warehouse, Pharmacy Online, Priceline, Blooms and other Australian Pharmacies and supplements stockists


Do I Need a Prescription to Use PhenQ?

No. PhenQ is a dietary supplement that only contains plant extracts and other natural ingredients. It does not contain any drugs or chemicals that would cause restrictions on its use. It is available to buy direct without a prescription

Will PhenQ Work for Me?

Over 190,000 people have already lost weight with PhenQ, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it too. The pills contain a very impressive line-up of ingredients that is capable of providing such a high level of support, in so many different areas (fat burning, appetite suppressing). You should stand a greater chance of success than you would by using most other brands of diet pill and the presence of the 60-day money back guarantee certainly suggests the manufacturer expects it to work.

How Long Does a Bottle of PhenQ Last?

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills. There are 60 pills per bottle and two pills are required each day. Although some diet pill manufacturers tell their customers it’s permissible to take extra pills to “maximize results” or “turbocharge weight loss”, etc., PhenQ is such a powerful product two capsules a day is enough to get the job done and it would be unwise to exceed the recommendations

How May Bottles of PhenQ Will I Need to Get the Best Results?

Although one bottle may be enough if you are only very slightly overweight, if you have a lot of weight to lose it makes sense to take advantage or the bulk-buy options because doing so will bring down the cost per pill. Some studies show it normally takes 66 days to break bad habits, so there’s a lot to be said for ordering at least two bottles. By doing so, you will get a third bottle for free. That’s enough pills to last for 90 days. If you reach your target weight before 90 days is up, and don’t need to use all of the last bottle you won’t be wasting any money because it will not have cost you anything anyway. People who have a great deal of weight to lose should be thinking of ordering three bottles of pills because they will get two free bottles of PhenQ. That’s enough to last for 150 days and it makes more sense to pay for three bottles and receive five than to place five individual orders and pay the full price every time.

How Long Can I Take PhenQ?

The tablets contain safe and effective ingredients that don’t have a reputation for causing side effects, and the formulation has been designed to be suitable for people who need long-term help to lose weight. That means there is no need to take PhenQ in cycles of so many weeks on followed by a few weeks off. It’s a diet pill that can be there to help you every step of the way and, once you have reached your ideal weight, if you wish to keep taking the pills to help you maintain your weight with less effort, there is no reason why you should not be able to do so.

Is PhenQ Suitable for Men and Women?

Yes. PhenQ is intended for anyone who needs to lose weight, no matter what their sex.

Is PhenQ Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Yes! PhenQ is made from ingredients that are 100% vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Can I Take PhenQ During Pregnancy?

No. Unless your doctor has told you otherwise, PhenQ should not be used during pregnancy.

Can I Drink Alcohol When I’m Using PhenQ?

Yes. None of the ingredients interacts badly with alcohol, so you will still be able to drink it if you wish to do so. However, if you are serious about losing weight, you may want to think about lowering your alcohol intake, or even cutting it out altogether because most alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories that will hinder your results. A small glass of white wine (125ml) contains around 85 calories, a 1.5-ounce shot of vodka contains roughly 110 calories, a pint of lager contains around 180 calories, and some stouts and ales provide considerably more.

Is PhenQ Suitable for Diabetics?

Diabetics should not use PhenQ or any other supplement unless their doctor has told them it is safe to do so.

Can I Take PhenQ with My Prescription Medication?

PhenQ should not be used alongside medication or other supplements without first attaining a doctor’s consent.

Will PhenQ Stop My Birth-Control Pills Working?

No. None of the ingredients used in PhenQ will interfere with your birth-control pills or stop them from working.

Can I Still Drive When I’m Using PhenQ?

Yes. You will still be able to drive and operate mechanical machinery while you are using PhenQ. The formulation does not contain any drugs, chemicals, or other ingredients that can make you feel drowsy, affect your balance, or interfere with your vision or the way you think.

Can I buy PhenQ in the Shops in Australia

No. You can only buy directly from the PhenQ Australia website.

How Much Does PhenQ Cost in AU$

One bottle costs AU$94.95 with price breaks given for multiple bottle purchases

PhenQ Australia’s best selling fat burner.

Jane Wright has a wealth of experience in the supplement industry. She has been on both sides of the fence by first helping to create products and then critically reviewing them. Jane is a keen fitness fanatic and hates the current trend of fad diets. Jane’s No1 tip – Avoid products with hype and trendy new ingredients, tried and tested is the wiser choice. Read more here

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