LeptiSense Review – Control Your Hunger Hormone

Leptisense reviewLeptiSense – According to the official sales page, LeptiSense is intended for men and women who are overweight and need to lose 10 pounds or more.

Why You Might Buy It: May have some level of value as a weight loss booster

Why You Might Not: Due to the concerns raised about the level of chromium this product contains, LeptiSense is not a product we can recommend.

Our Opinion: There are better products on the market in our opinion

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LeptiSense is a weight management product made in America by Jaylab Pro.

The company is based in Florida and also distributes a number of other health and wellness products.

According to the official sales page, LeptiSense is intended for men and women who are overweight and need to lose 10 pounds or more.

However, the sales page makes the product sound extremely complicated and is more likely to promote confusion that it is to impress anyone with science.

The formulation also contains an unusually high amount of chromium.

High enough to cause side effects…

so we rang the company’s customer services department to find out if the amount had been misstated due to a printing error.

The conversation went well until the lady on the other end of the line found out we were compiling information for a LeptiSense review.

At that point, the representative said there was a problem with the connection and all communication ceased.

Needless to say, our first impression of Jaylab Pro customer services is not good and, if the dose is as stated on the label, and we were told that it is, LeptiSense is not a product we can recommend.

Method of Action

According to Jaylab Pro, when people find they cannot lose weight, despite reducing their calorie intake, it’s because their hormone levels are to blame.

Hormones can influence weight gain and weight loss, but anyone who provides their body with less calories than it needs will always set the stage for fat burning. So the flaws in the marketing material are already beginning to show.

However, Jaylab Pro say the main culprit that makes it so hard to lose weight is leptin (hunger hormone) and, working via a number of complicated processes, LeptiSense allegedly brings leptin levels under control and also reduces cortisol (stress hormone).

The knock-on effect of this is a faster metabolism and reduced levels of hunger. However, despite all the fancy talk, experts state the relationship between leptin and the maintenance of obesity remains unclear. Time to take a look at the ingredients.

LeptiSense ingredients label

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each (1 capsule) serving provides:

  • Chromium Polynicotinate (300mg): Chromium is often added to diet pill formulations because it has the ability to regulate insulin and prevent the blood sugar crashes that can trigger cravings for carbs and sugary food. It’s a good ingredient, but the amount provided here is far too much. A dose of up to 200mcg per day would be fine, but LeptiSense contians 15 times that amount. This presents cause for concern because high doses of chromium can interfere with the ability to think and cause numerous other unpleasant side effects.
  • Sensoril (125mg): A patent-protected Ashwagandha extract. Some research suggests supplementing with Ashwagandha may reduce cortisol.
  • Beta-Carotene (5000 IU): An ingredient that provides Vitamin A. It’s highly unlikely that it will directly support weight loss, but Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can help purge the body of toxins and benefit the overall health.

The rest of the ingredients used in LeptiSense are grouped together in a proprietary blend and, as is often the case with such blends, no inclusion rates are provided.

Lepticore Proprietary Blend (300mg)

  • Locust Bean Gum: An ingredient that is sometimes used as a gelling agent in food.
  • Gum Arabic: A resin sourced from certain species of acacia. The results of one study suggest gum Arabic might have the ability to encourage weight loss, but further research is required.
  • Guar Gum: There is some evidence to suggest guar gum may reduce cholesterol and sugar absorption rates. The ingredient is also known to expand inside the gut, and this could potentially aid the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite, but further study is needed all around.
  • Pomegranate Extract: Although it does not seem likely that pomegranate will offer much value as a weight loss aid, it is known to be highly nutritious and may benefit the health in a number of ways.
  • Beta-Carotene: A second dose of Vitamin A.
Usage Guidelines – The capsules should be always be taken with a glass of water (8-10oz), preferably just before meals, and the recommended dose is one capsule, two times per day. For maximum benefit, LeptiSense should be used as part of an overall weight management routine that includes a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise.

LeptiSense Customer Testimonials

We were unable to find a reliable source of LeptiSense customer reviews.

LeptiSense Side Effects and Health Considerations

LeptiSense appears to provide an unusually high dose of chromium so we strongly suggest all potential users refrain from using the product unless their doctor has told them it is safe to do so.

Where to Buy LeptiSense

It’s only possible to buy LeptiSense via the manufacturer’s website and customers are encouraged to take out “VIP membership” to a “savings club” that will provide them with a modest discount and free shipping in exchange for agreeing to receive an ongoing supply of pills via autoship.

We don’t favor this method because autoship arrangements can be difficult to cancel and are generally more trouble than they are worth.


LeptiSense is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Due to the concerns raised about the level of chromium this product contains, LeptiSense is not a product we can recommend.

Even if the chromium content was brought down to a more reasonable level, the science surrounding the way the formulation is designed to works seems more than a little shaky and the value of most of the ingredients is highly questionable.

None of them are diet pill regulars and there is probably a good reason for that.

The only thing this product appears to have going for it is the money back guarantee and most people who have a pressing need to lose weight would probably prefer results over a refund any day of the week.

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