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Fat BurnersFat burners. The term “fat burner” is normally used to describe a drug or supplement that is designed to help the body get to work on burning its stores of fat.

A lot of natural ingredients have the ability to encourage the body to burn its fat in this way, but they cannot all be deemed fat burners because any fat loss that comes about through their use occurs in an indirect way.

For instance, Chitosan and nopal are both fat blockers.


When people use supplements that contain either one of these ingredients a lot of the dietary fat they consume cannot be digested and does not release any calories.

Both ingredients can also suppress the appetite and help people to eat less food.

By providing appetite suppression and fat blocking, Chitosan and nopal can reduce the daily calorie intake by an amount that is sufficient to cause a calorie shortage that will force the body to start burning fat.

However they cannot be considered fat burners, as such.

A Look At Some Ingredients Used In Fat Burners

Woman losing weightTrue fat burning ingredients take a more direct approach. Stimulants are a good example. They have the ability to directly influence the body’s fat burning ability and many of them, including caffeine, have been scientifically proven to work.

Stimulants encourage fat burning because they speed up the metabolism. The metabolism governs calorie usage rates. When the metabolism gets faster the calorie burn-rate increases and the body becomes more likely to experience a calorie shortage that will initiate the fat burning process.

However, a lot of people do not tolerate stimulants well, and anyone who does not will not be able to use any brand of diet pill that contains stimulants.

Fortunately, not all fat burning ingredients are stimulants. Green tea is a good example. It contains a small amount of caffeine, but it is also loaded with fat burning antioxidants and research shows the fat burning ability of green tea cannot be “explained by its caffeine content per se”.

CapsicumCapsicum (red pepper) extract is another good fat burning ingredient that is not a stimulant. It has the ability to boost the metabolism and increase energy expenditure in a similar way to stimulants, but is not so likely to cause side effects.

Capsicum extract also belongs to a class of diet pill ingredients known as thermogenic fat burners. Ingredients of this kind cause a slight elevation in body temperature that results in calories being lost from the body in the form of heat.

Most of these calories often come from the body’s stores of fat. The fat loss enhancing abilities of capsicum have been explored many times and, after one study, the researchers concluded: “These results indicate that red pepper increases diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation.”


In more recent years another good fat burning ingredient has become available, but it appears to have escaped the attention of most diet pill manufacturers.

In fact, PhenQ appears to be the only diet pill that has it in the formulation.

That’s a great pity because the participants in one early study showed a 7.24% reduction in body fat and became 3.44% lighter.

This was despite a 3.8% increase in muscle mass. The name of this wonder ingredient? It’s called α-Lacys Reset and one of the best things about it is there are no known side effects connected with its use.

Fat Burning Drugs v Fat Burning Supplements

Although many people have become conditioned to believe the drugs prescribed by doctors are always the most efficient option, this is not really the case when it comes to diet pills.

Most of the prescription options, such as Phentermine, are designed to act on the appetite. The fat burning process is accomplished in an indirect way.

The prescription drug Xenical (Orlistat) is somewhat of an exception because it works by blocking fat but, as with the other prescription weight loss drugs, Xenical lacks the ability to directly encourage the body to burn its stores of fat. It’s also capable of causing a range of nasty side effects.

The range and level of side effects they are known to cause is by far the biggest problem with weight loss drugs. None of the prescription options are side effect free and the side effects some users experience can be severe.

Although there are some rogue products, the formulations of natural ingredients used in diet supplements and pills that are available to buy online and over-the-counter are generally much safer to use and some of the best options, like PhenQ and Phentaslim, have been specially formulated to be side effect free.

Many of the best fat burning diet pills directly encourage the body to start burning its fat, while also providing other benefits, such as appetite suppression, that can help support dieters in additional ways.

The top options have a money back guarantee. There are no guarantees with prescription drugs, so the best over-the-counter options beat prescription weight loss drugs right across the board.

Which diet pills are most effective and highest rated by customers

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