Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer Review With Customer Comments

Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer ReviewOxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer – works by suppressing your appetite and blocking the effects of carbohydrates

Why You Might Buy It: There are some proven fat burning ingredients in the formula. There are some positive customer reviews and testimonials

Why You Might Not: There are other diet products on the market that offer multiple benefits. There are a some negative customer reviews

Our Opinion: fair product – but our opinion is there are better products. Our preference is for PhenQ a multi benefit diet pill that has proven to be very popular in the US, Australia and Europe.

Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer is a diet pill available from Amazon.com.

It’s distributed under the Hypernutra brand name and is alleged to be manufactured in the USA in GMP Certified laboratories.

If this is true, the capsules will be produced to high-quality standards, but you can never really be sure what you are getting when you buy diet pills from Amazon.

These days anyone can buy a generic white label product, brand it as their own, and make whatever marketing claims they want.

We are in no way suggesting there is anything fishy about Hypernutra. We’re just pointing out a few realities about the diet pill industry.

However, we have been unable to find out anything about the company and, at the time of this review, the Hypernutra.com website domain was parked by GoDaddy. It was not up for sale though, so there is a chance the site may return in the future.

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Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer in a Nutshell

Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer is a capsule-type diet pill that’s marketed as an “extreme potency” thermogenic fat burner.

Supplements that are designed to work in this way contain ingredients that have been selected for their ability to produce a slight rise in the body’s core temperature and cause calories to exit the body in the form of heat.

The best thermogenic fat burners can deliver very impressive results, but it has to be remembered, like all supplements, they work best when used alongside diet and exercise and should be considered an addition to a healthy lifestyle, not a replacement for one.

As is normally the case with fat burners, Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer is designed to offer dieters additional benefits as well.

The first extra benefit is appetite suppression.

The second one is carb blocking.

Appetite suppression is an important diet pill feature because it makes it easier to eat less food without constantly having to battle hunger pangs.

Carb blocking diet pills limit the body’s ability to digest carbohydrate, causing a portion of any carbohydrate consumed to pass through the body without releasing any calories.

Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer in a Nutshell

Key Ingredients

One capsule contains:

  • White Kidney Bean (10mg)

Proprietary Blend (315mg):

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • African Mango
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Hoodia
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Rhodiola
  • Turmeric
  • L-Arginine
  • Guarana
  • Papaya Leaf
  • 5-HTP

Ingredient Potential

Forget the claims about carb blocking.

This formulation isn’t going to cut the mustard. Although it contains white kidney bean extract, and its ability to suppress the carb-digesting enzyme has allowed it to become the most respected carb blocking ingredient in the world, the inclusion rate here is pitiful.

The participants who responded well to white kidney bean during one study were given 1000mg per day.

A high dose has been used in all the other studies that show white kidney bean works for carb blocking.

There have been no studies done to date that suggest a dose as low as 10mg will offer any carb blocking benefit at all.

The fact that the rest of the ingredients have been jumbled into a proprietary blend is a problem.

There are 15 of them in total and no inclusion rates are provided.

That makes it impossible to predict how any of them will perform on an individual basis or what the likely benefits may be when they are combined.

Green tea stands out as being one of the most promising inclusions because it’s proven thermogenic fat burning capabilities could help Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer do the main thing it’s designed to do.

Raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, and African mango are all known to possess appetite suppressing abilities, so they are potentially good inclusions as well.

However, the formulation also contains several sources of caffeine, including green coffee bean and guarana. If the quantities involved are too high, the formulation could present issues to people who do not tolerate stimulants well.

Usage Guidelines – We were unable to find any usage guidelines.

Customer Comments

Some average customer reviews read:

“Good stuff. Gets the job done. I’m looking nice and lean now. Best money I ever spent.”
“It’s been two months and I’ve seen no benefit at all so I won’t be buying any more. The only thing it did was make me feel bloated and I’m not going to pay for that.”
“These pills work. I’m now losing a couple of pounds or more a month. That’s may not be much, but I was losing nothing before.”
“I was sceptical about this product right from the start and it turns out I had a good right to be. I took it for 3 weeks and there were no changes for the better at all. Just an ongoing problem with stomach aches.”

Side Effects and Health Considerations

A number of customers state using this product caused them to experience bloating and/or other stomach problems, so we suggest playing it safe by getting a doctor’s advice before using Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer.

Where to Buy Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer

At the time of our review, the product was only available from Amazon.com and shipping options were restricted to addresses located in the USA.


Hypernutra is offering a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s better than nothing, but 60 days is the present industry standard.

The Verdict

Will Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer really provide the extreme thermogenic fat burning Hypernutra promise?

The fact that any respected fat burning ingredients that are included are squeezed into a proprietary blend makes it impossible to say, but we very much doubt it and customer reviews also fail to suggest the product has much potency.

When used with diet and exercise, the product may provide a limited amount of benefit, but the fact that some customers complain about side effects is not a point in this product’s favour and the guarantee period is too short.

The most impressive thing about Oxy Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer is the marketing spiel.

Recommended Diet Product

PhenQ label

PhenQ is our highest rated diet pill and most popular diet product for 2021.

PhenQ can burn existing fat, block new fat from being absorbed by your body and suppress your appetite.

PhenQ has a long 60 day money back guarantee and offers FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

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