Metamucil Fiber Review With Customer Comments

Metamucil FiberMetamucil – a range of products aimed at providing fiber. For this review will focus on the powder

Why You Might Buy It: Highly reputable brand. God concept. Good ingredients with no reported side effects.

Why You Might Not: Doesn’t really address other areas of weight loss

Our Opinion: Good product to take if you need help with your digestive health. If you need additional benefits the we would suggest an alternative products

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Metamucil is a fiber-providing product manufactured in the USA.

There are a number of different versions available. One is berry flavor, another is orange, and there is also a choice of coarse or smooth powder options.

High fiber capsules and Meta Fiber Wafers are more recent additions to the range, but Metamucil powder remains the most popular option, so that’s what we are going to concentrate on for the purposes of this review.

Metamucil Advertised Benefits

  • Helps you feel less hungry between meals
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels and promotes heart health
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet

What is Metamucil and How Does it Work?

Most people don’t get enough fiber in their diet and increasing dietary fiber can be a good way to bring down high cholesterol levels.

It also creates a feeling of fullness within the stomach that can suppress the appetite. The fiber in Metamucil is provided by a compound called psyllium husk that’s obtained by grinding the seeds of a plant called plantago ovata.

The fiber content of psyllium husk is extremely high. This allows it to work well as bulking agent and it’s known to be a very good stool softener and laxative.

The data provided by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition prove this form of fiber’s worth when it comes to managing cholesterol, and another study shows it represses the appetite. Anyone who is trying to lose weight will likely need additional support in other areas, but psyllium husk is a very healthy ingredient.

Usage Instructions – Metamucil is only intended for people who are aged 12 or older. If the product is being used to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, or provide a healthier digestive system, the recommended dose is one rounded teaspoon, mixed with 8oz of water, and consumed up to three times per day. When Metamucil is being used for hunger control, the dose needs to be upped to two teaspoons, mixed with water, and consumed three times per day. New users are advised to start with only one serving per day. This will allow the body to adjust to the increased intake of dietary fiber.

Key Ingredients

There are few other additions to provide flavor and color, but psyllium husk powder is the only active ingredient. One teaspoon provides 5.8g and a two teaspoon dose will provide 11.6g.

Metamucil Customer Feedback

A few average customer reviews read:

“I take this to keep me regular. It works.”
“If you need a good appetite suppressant this will do the trick. So far it’s helped me to lose 8lbs, but that was with diet and exercise.”
“I don’t know about the other flavors, but the orange tastes great. It’s really good for taking the edge off my hunger and the last time I had my cholesterol checked the level was at an all time low. That was indeed a very pleasant surprise.”
“Metamucil tastes good and is easy to mix, but the consistency can become a little sludgy if you allow it to stand for too long.”

Metamucil Side Effects & Health Issues

Metamucil doesn’t have a reputation for causing side effects, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child should always ask a doctor for advice before using any form of dietary supplement.

The same holds true for people who have existing health problems and anyone using medication. The manufatcturers also suggests potential Metamucil users seek medical advice if they have recently experienced a sudden change in bowel habits (persisting for 2 weeks or more) or suffered nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain.

People who are sensitive to inhaled or ingested psyllium should not use the product at all.

Metamucil Purchasing Options & Considerations

Metamucil is available to buy online from Walmart, Walgreens and many other online stores. The price tends to range from $12 to $20, depending on where you shop and your preferred choice of product.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Metamucil, The Bottom Line

There can be no arguing about whether or not this is a healthy product. It undoubtedly is and it should be capable of doing everything The manufacturers claim.

Unfortunately, although Metamucil will no doubt be a godsend for anyone who needs relief from constipation, and may also offer hope for people who have high cholesterol and are looking for a safe alternative to statins, it may not be the best option for people who are looking for a good way to lose weight.

Any product that successfully suppresses the appetite can help people who are finding it hard to battle their hunger. That’s why most good diet pills contain ingredients that can provide this kind of support.

However, good diet pills offer support in other areas and can speed up the fat burning process considerably.

If hunger control is all you need, Metamucil should do the trick, but if you want to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest time possible, you will probably be better off exploring some of the other options available.

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