Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate Review – Pros and Cons

Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra ConcentrateLipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate – It’s primarily designed to function as a fat burner and it relies heavily on stimulants to boost the metabolism and get the job done.

Why You Might Buy It: Made by a good company with a strong reputation for producing quality diet products

Why You Might Not: There are other diet products on the market that offer multiple benefits .

Our Opinion: Good product – but our opinion is there are better products.

There are products that can aid weight loss by utilizing several weight loss actions such as fat burning, fat blocking and appetite suppression.

What are the best diet pills for women in 2021

We’ve made a list. Only one of the entries was developed with women in mind, but it’s ability that counts here and all of them have already helped thousands of women to lose weight

Men and women gain weight differently  – they lose weight differently as well

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Lipo 6 Black Hers is an “extreme potency” fat burner for women.

It is one of many supplements being marketed by Nutrex Research.

However, although both products are still listed on the company website, Lipo 6 Black Hers appears to have been dropped in favour of its successor, Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate.

All of the online stores that distribute Nutrex Research supplements now only have the Ultra Concentrate version, so that’s the product we are going to concentrate on in this review.

Advertised Benefits

  • Ultra Concentrated Formula
  • Super Strong Effects
  • Extreme Fat Loss Support
  • Promotes High Energy
  • Liquid Capsules for Fast Absorption

What Is Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate and How Does It Work? 

Nutrex Research states Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate is by far the strongest female specific Lipo 6 formula they have ever unleashed.

It’s primarily designed to function as a fat burner and it relies heavily on stimulants to boost the metabolism and get the job done.

Stimulants are also good for boosting energy levels.

Their presence in diet pills can prevent feelings of fatigue and help power increased levels of physical activity. However, a lot of people don’t tolerate stimulants well and Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate will be too strong for a lot of ladies to endure.

Lipo 6 Black Hers Concentrate Ingredients

Key Ingredients

One capsule provides: 

  • Folic acid (200mcg)
  • Vitamin B12 (3mcg)

Folic acid is another name for Vitamin B9 and, like Vitamin B12 and other B Vitamins, it helps the body extract energy from food.

Energy Drink manufacturers always pair Vitamin B12 with Vitamin B6, but Folic acid may have more value than Vitamin B6 in a formulation such as this because, although it’s the go-to vitamin of pregnant women who are wishing to avoid birth defects, it’s known to offer desirable benefits to non-pregnant women as well.

The rest of the Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate ingredients are housed in a proprietary blend and, as in normally the case with proprietary blends, no inclusion rates are provided for any of the ingredients it contains.

Ultra Concentrated Fat Loss Support Complex (294.5mg)

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A quick-acting caffeine powder that should give energy levels a boost without the need for too much waiting around. Science shows caffeine assists weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and causing the body to lose an increased amount of calories as heat (thermogenic fat burning)
  • Theobromine Anhydrous:       A stimulant obtained from cocoa. It’s not as potent as caffeine, but it’s believed to be capable of improving the mood and may be the compound women are unknowingly seeking when they try to perk themselves up with chocolate.
  • Advantra Z: A branded ingredient that provides a citrus fruit-derived stimulant called synephrine. It’s good for boosting energy and getting the body burning its fat, but combining such a powerful stimulant with so many compounds that have similar abilities may not be wise.
  • Yohimbine HCI: A stimulant obtained from the bark of an African tree. Some studies suggest yohimbine supports increased fat burning while also protecting existing muscle mass.
  • Rauwolscine: A compound that is chemically similar to yohimbine.
Usage Instructions – One capsule is required each morning. A second one should be taken during the afternoon. It’s important never to exceed the recommended dose or to take more than two capsules in any 24-hour period. For best results, the capsules should be taken 30 minutes before a meal, but should never be consumed within six hours of sleep.

Lipo 6 Black Hers Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are mixed and, not surprisingly, some customers report jitters and other side effects.

A few average reviews read:

“This is an excellent fat burner for women. It helps me to train harder and burns my fat like crazy.”
“The side effects I experienced were terrifying. I thought my heart was going to explode. Please be very careful about using this product.”
“Luv my Lipo 6. It’s giving me energy and helping me to lose weight. I feel a bit jittery at times but nothing is perfect.”
“I don’t remember too many problems with the old lip 6 but this one makes me feel sick and jittery and puts my stomach into cramp. I stuck with it as long as I could and actually gained a few pounds.”

Lipo 6 Black Hers Side Effects & Health Issues

Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate is a stimulant-powered fat burner and a number of past customers state using it made them feel unwell. For this reason, we strongly recommend getting a doctor’s advice prior to using this supplement to try and lose weight.

Lipo 6 Black Hers Purchasing Options and Considerations

Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate is available from a number of online supplement stores and it’s also possible to purchase it from Amazon. The other alternative is to buy it directly from the manufacturer’s website.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

If you are a woman who has been training regularly for a number of years and have used a lot of supplements that contain stimulants, you may have built up a tolerance that will allow you to reap some fat burning benefit from a formulation such as this.

If this is not the case, you may want to think long and hard before placing an order and should bear in mind the fact that Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate does not have a money back guarantee.

If you can’t use it, your money will be gone. Even for women who are used to using/abusing stimulants, Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate is likely to be a poor option because it contains no appetite suppressing ingredients and is not capable of providing support in any other way. It should be good for providing energy, but that’s it.

Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate has been on the market for a number of years and has failed to become one of the top female fat burners.

There will be a reason for that, so you may want to consider buying one of the top-rated diet pills for women instead.

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Jane Wright has a wealth of experience in the supplement industry. She has been on both sides of the fence by first helping to create products and then critically reviewing them. Jane is a keen fitness fanatic and hates the current trend of fad diets. Jane’s No1 tip – Avoid products with hype and trendy new ingredients, tried and tested is the wiser choice. Read more here

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