Leanbean Female Fat Burner Review

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Leanbean Female Fat Burner – fat burner especially for women.

Why You Might Buy It: It is a unique product that targets the female body. Men and women have different factors and lose weight differently. It has excellent feedback

Why You Might Not: you are a man

Our Opinion: If you are female and either workout in a gym or simply need to lose a few pounds/kgs this is the diet product for you

Leanbean Female Fat Burner isn’t just the name of this particular diet pill.

It’s also the name of the company that brought it market and you’ve only got to take a look at all the pink on the label to see Leanbean is a diet pill intended for women.

It’s a British brand with a heavy US influence and suited to many markets – especially Australia.

The manufacturing process is carried out in a facility that’s been registered with the FDA, so the quality standards are going to be very high.

LeanBean results from real people

Leanbean Female Fat Burner Benefits

  • Overcome problem areas and burn fat like professional fitness models
  • Get a flatter, firmer tummy
  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Get a pert and peachy butt
  • Say goodbye to unsightly fat or cellulite
  • Enjoy boosted energy levels and attain more confidence
  • Provides an overall sense of well-being
  • Harnesses the power of nature to help you burn fat

What Is Leanbean Female Fat Burner and How Does It Work?

Although Leanbean is primarily marketed as a fat burner, it actually provides a more diverse range of benefits.

Fat burners usually only speed up the metabolism and help the body begin burning fat.

Leanbean also contains ingredients that control hunger urges and prevent sugar cravings.

A big part of losing weight is controlling how much food enters your mouth and this can be extremely hard to do when you are constantly having to battle the desire to eat.

Many dieters find this so difficult they throw in the towel, so the importance of hunger control is too important to be ignored.

The hunger curbing ability of Leanbean should help users to cut down on their food to an extent that is sufficient to cause a calorie shortage.

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When this happens the body responds by burning its fat.

The metabolism boosting ingredients in the formulation will further increase the need for fat burning because the metabolism governs the speed at which calories are burned and the faster it gets the more calories it burns.

Some of the ingredients in Leanbean belong to a special class of fat burners called thermogenic fat burners that cause the body to burning extra calories and losing them into the atmosphere in the form of heat.

Usage Instructions – Leanbean is designed to be consumed with a meal or snack and the recommended dose is one capsule, four times per day. For maximum weight loss, the product should be used as part of an overall weight management program that includes a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise.

Key Ingredients

Four capsules per day provide:

  • Acai berry (800mg): A fruit extract that’s highly nutritious and possesses powerful hunger suppressing abilities. Acai is also known to be good for boosting the metabolism.
  • Green coffee (600mg): Green coffee beans contain a chemical called chlorogenic acid. it promotes weight loss by boosting the metabolism and encouraging thermogenic fat burning. Green coffee bean extract is also capable of preventing the elevations in the blood sugar level that may bring on a desire for sweet food and beverages.
  • Glucomannan (500mg): A natural fiber extracted from the roots of the konjac plant. Research shows supplementation with glucomannan can be good for lowering cholesterol levels and controlling hunger urges.
  • Garcinia cambogia (400mg): A fruit that provides hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This powerful chemical helps dieters by subduing hunger urges. It also has the ability to prevent new fat cell growth.
  • Green tea extract (200mg): A proven fat burning ingredient that offers numerous health benefits and research shows it may be capable of modestly reducing the risk of breast cancer.
  • Turmeric powder (200mg): If you thought turmeric was just a cooking spice, think again. It contain a compound called curcumin that reduces inflammation caused by obesity. Curcumin may also have the potential to reduce menopause-associated oxidative stress.
  • Cayenne pepper (60mg): A red pepper extract that boasts proven fat burning capabilities and is also known to be good for suppressing hunger.
  • Black pepper (20mg): The piperine alkaloid provided by black pepper has the ability to help other ingredients be absorbed more easily.
  • Raspberry ketones (8mg): A phenol that can be found in raspberries, blackberries and certain other fruits. It’s known to be a powerful fat burner and also boasts appetite suppressing capabilities.
  • Vitamin B6 (3.72mg): A diet pill regular that helps the body extract energy from food. Vitamin B6 also helps prevent the menopausal estrogen imbalances that may contribute to female weight gain.
  • Vitamin B12 (6.4ug): Another B vitamin that can boost energy levels by helping the body to make the most of its food.
  • Chromium (120ug): A mineral that helps prevent the post-eating insulin spikes that can trigger desires to eat sweet food.

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Leanbean Female Fat Burner Customer Feedback

Leanbean Female Fat Burner customer reviews are excellent.

A few average comments read:

“When I first started taking these pills I was wearing size 18 clothes. Now I’m back down to a size 12 and feel confident enough to strip off at the beach.”
“Leanbean is great for controlling hunger. I never feel the urge to overeat now or snack between meals. It’s only been 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 7lbs ;)”
“I cannot recommend these pills enough. They’ve got me losing weight a lot faster than I was before and give me a ton of extra energy. No more hunger, no side effects. Best diet pill I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a lot.”
“I was lucky enough to be slim for most of my life, but I began putting on weight when going through the change. A friend recommended Leanbean so I gave it a try and It worked like magic so I’m very glad that she did.”

Leanbean Female Fat Burner Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are unlikely, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child are advised to get a doctor’s approval before using Leanbean or any other brand of weight management supplement. The same advice is offered to potential users who have existing health problems or are using medication.

The Bottom Line

Leanbean is an impressive product. It contains respected ingredients and the formulation should be capable of doing everything the manufacturer says and more.

Customer reviews show the product works, the price is reasonable, and there’s a long money back guarantee.

This is the best diet pill for women we have evaluated so far and we are happy to give Leanbean our highest recommendation.

Where To Buy Leanbean Female Fat Burner

You can only buy Leanbean from the manufacturer’s website.

One bottle will last 30 days

You can pay in many currencies – £, €, $AUD, $CAD and US$

If you buy more than one bottle a big saving can be achieved. At the moment the best saving can be achieved by purchasing 3 bottles and get a 4th free. The is also free worldwide delivery and a free ebook – The Workout Secrets of a fitness model.

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