Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review With Customer Feedback

Instant Knockout Diet Pill

Instant Knockout –designed to boost energy levels, enhance training capabilities, burn away stubborn body fat, and provide “high impact muscle definition”.

Why You Might Buy It: Outstanding fat burner for both men and women. Lost of satisfied customers. Long money back guarantee

Why You Might Not: Not burdened by too many reasons not buy.

Our Opinion: If you need a companion for the gym, this is it.

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Instant Knockout is a powerful supplement designed to boost energy levels, enhance training capabilities, burn away stubborn body fat, and provide “high impact muscle definition”.

It was formulated to support the unique needs of professional fighters but, despite the fact that it was originally seen as being a product for men, it’s gradually become one of the most respected female fat burning supplements on the market.

Instant Knockout Benefits

  • Crushes hunger cravings
  • Revolutionary fat shredding formula
  • Provides maximum energy levels
  • Helps you train with extra intensity
  • Vanquishes stubborn fat
  • Activates whole body burn
  • Gets you burning body fat like a professional

Instant Knockout Features

This is no run-of-the-mill fat burner. It’s a supplement intended for people who are motivated to improve their strength and fitness and build a strong body that looks good and is free from fat.

Instant Knockout stands out from most other diet pills because it’s more hardcore, and women who want to get the best from this product will need to get hardcore too, make a serious commitment to exercise, cut down on calories, and start eating healthier food.

Though the truth of the matter is, the average Instant Knockout user will likely be already doing these things and only using the product to help push themselves even harder and attain a physique that’s unusually toned and defined and free from fat.

Ingredient Profile and Potential

Four capsules per day provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (5mg): Assists energy synthesis and primes the metabolism for efficient fat burning.
  • Vitamin B12 (10mcg): Helps release energy from food and aids the breakdown of fatty acids.
  • Zinc (10mg): Boosts testosterone. This improves fat burning and provides increased stamina and strength. Testosterone also helps improve muscle mass.
  • Chromium GTF (100mcg): GTF (glucose tolerance factor chromium) is used in sports supplements because it enhances insulin activity and assists nutrient absorption.
  • Green Tea (500mg): A respected supplement ingredient that contains a small amount of caffeine and can provide a modest energy boost. Green tea really comes into its own as a fat burner and research shows it can boost energy expenditure for up to 24 hours.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100mg): The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans initiates thermogenic fat burning and helps balance insulin levels.
  • Cayenne Powder (100mg): A red pepper that suppresses the appetite. Several studies, one of which involved women in Japan, show it increases diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation.
  • Glucomannan (1,800mg): A high-fiber root extract that swells when taken with water and fills the stomach to make it feel full. Glucomannan is a proven hunger suppressant that supports significant weight loss when used with diet and exercise.
  • Caffeine (300mg): A popular stimulant that boosts energy and mental focus. Caffeine is also a proven fat fat burner that can help suppress the appetite as well.
  • Black Pepper Extract (10mg): The piperine locked inside black pepper’s fiery core enhances the bioavailability of other ingredients.

Recommended Dose and Frequency 

 To be taken with water four times per day.

  • One capsule first thing in the morning
  • One capsule before lunch
  • One capsule in the afternoon
  • One capsule before dinner

*Instant Knockout is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Potential users who have medical conditions should check with their doctor before supplementation is commenced.

Interaction with Medications

Although no problems have been reported, interaction issues can never be ruled out when supplements are used alongside prescription or over-the-counter medications. So people who are taking medication should always ask a doctor for advice before using any brand of supplement.

Instant Knockout Before and After

Instant Knockout before and after pics

Instant Knockout Customer Reviews

Some average customer comments read:

“I find I can push myself harder now and my muscle definition has improved no end.”

“I lost 18lbs with Instant Knockout and it only took one bottle to do it. I made no changes to my training schedule or diet. The only thing I did different was take 4 doses of Instant K per day.”

“I dropped two dress sizes by using these pills, cutting back on my sugar, and doing fitness training 5 nights a week.”

“Since I’ve been using instant knockout I’ve noticed I don’t run out of steam so quickly during aerobics. I no longer get urges to snack and the puppy fat around my belly that was so hard to shift has totally gone away.”

Instant Knockout Celebrity Endorsements

Several respected athletes use Instant Knockout as part of their training regimen, including Alexia Clark (US fitness model and Instagram celebrity). She’s often said to possess one of the leanest female physiques in health and fitness industry, so Instant Knockout appears to have won-over a very impressive fan.

Alexia Clark Fat Burner

Instant Knockout Reported Side Effects

Instant Knockout doesn’t have a reputation for causing side effects, but it does contain caffeine, so it won’t be a good option for people who do not tolerate stimulants well and it’s inadvisable to take the pills alongside other caffeine sources, such as Coca-Cola or coffee.

How Instant Knockout Compares to Other Female Fat Burners

Instant Knockout contains the right combination of ingredients to help anyone who wants to train with extra intensity and start losing weight or get rid of the last of their fat and fully uncover the ripped muscles beneath. It’s probably more correct to consider it a sports supplement rather than a diet pill but, either way, this particular fat burner packs a powerful punch.

Instant Knockout Purchasing Options

Instant Knockout special offers

Instant Knockout is exclusive to the manufacturer’s website and you can buy it by the bottle, or as part of the Instant Knockout Ultimate Shredding Stack and get an extra bottle of pills thrown in for free.

Customers are given a 90-day money back guarantee and all deliveries are sent out using a tracked mail service.

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Jane Wright has a wealth of experience in the supplement industry. She has been on both sides of the fence by first helping to create products and then critically reviewing them. Jane is a keen fitness fanatic and hates the current trend of fad diets. Jane’s No1 tip – Avoid products with hype and trendy new ingredients, tried and tested is the wiser choice. Read more here

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