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Hydro-Lyn – Speeds up metabolism, controls hungerHydro-Lyn Australia

Why You Might Buy It: Not many reasons we can think of to warrant a purchase.

Why You Might Not: Lack of information of the ingredients. There are better products on the market in our opinion

Our Opinion: If you are looking to buy a multi-action fat burner and appetite suppressant PhenQ is a better option

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Hydro-Lyn review. Some diet pills are available in the shops, others can only be purchased online. Hydro-Lyn falls into the latter category.

It’s one of several supplements sold under the Nutrition Labz brand name and the company states their formulation is “100% herbal and safe”.

That’s sure to make the product desirable to many consumers, but there’s a problem here and it’s a big one. Nutrition Labz fails to disclose what their formulation contains. Not on the official sales page anyway.

It’s possible this important information may be printed on the back of the bottle, but customers will have to buy the product before they can read it.

Then, if it contains ingredients they do not wish to put into their body, a refund will be out of the question because Nutrition Labz does not back any of their products with a money back guarantee.

Promised Benefits and Selling Points of Hydro-Lyn

  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Controls hunger
  • Increases fat loss by 100%
  • Does not cause side effects

How Hydro-Lyn Works

Hydro-Lyn appears to be primarily designed to function as a combined appetite suppressant and fat burner.

The market is flooded with those and most of them are considerably cheaper than Hydro-Lyn, so it’s hard to see why anyone would want to choose this product over another.

Gaining weight and losing weight is all to do with calories. They are the body’s fuel and it obtains them from food.

When people eat too much and/or make unhealthy food choices that causes the body to get too many calories.

The excess calories are converted to fat. When people eat a low calorie diet the body does not get enough calories and the resultant energy shortage forces the body to burn its fat to reclaim some of the calories it previously stored away.

The metabolism controls how fast calories are burned, and diet pills that boost the metabolism cause the body to burn calories faster.

If Hydro-Lyn can do what it’s alleged to do, it will suppress hunger pangs and make it easier for dieters to stick to a low calorie diet, while also causing a greater need for calories.

In theory, it should be a good fat burning diet pill, but good pills need good ingredients that are included in effective amounts.

Ingredient Profile

This information is not available online.

Hydro-Lyn Dosage – One capsule is required per day. The dose can be taken before or after breakfast, but how long “before or after” breakfast is not specified.

What Past Customers are Saying About Hydro-Lyn

There does not appear to be a lot of talk about this product. In fact, we could only find one customer review, so Hydro-Lyn has hardly taken the world by storm.

The review is good, and the lady in question claims the product helped her to lose 14lbs in a month. However, one good review is not enough to provide sufficient proof that a product is likely to work.

The other problem is the review was posted on the Hydro-Lyn sales page. Reviews published on manufacturer’s websites are sometimes fictitious and always biased in the product’s favor.

Hydro-Lyn Potential Side Effects

Nutrition Labz say clinical trials prove the formulation is safe to use and “has no side effects, no rebound, or diarrhea”.

That’s good if it’s true, but there is no way to ascertain if it is because no evidence is provided to back up the claim and customers are not even told what the pills contain.

We suggest anyone who is considering using this product to lose weight, gets some advice from a doctor before they do so.

Hydro-Lyn Pricing and Guarantee

A 30 day supply of Hydro-Lyn costs $64.99 from the manufacturer’s website. That’s expensive and there is no money back guarantee.

Our Take on Hydro-Lyn

What we are looking at here is a diet pill that is being sold with a few big promises that have nothing to back them up.

It’s expensive to buy, there is no proof it will work, and there is no money back guarantee to provide customers with a financial safety net. If it does not do the things it’s supposed to do, the money will be gone and there will be no chance of a refund.

However, by far the worst thing is the lack of information about Hydro-Lyn. None of the ingredients are specified and there is no way of knowing if the formulation contains something that may make people ill.

Needless to say, better options are available. All of the diet pills on our list of approved products contain ingredients that are safe and powerful, have excellent customer reviews, and come with a money back guarantee.

So if you are looking for a diet pills that works, that’s a good place to start.

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