XLS Medical Direct Review – Positives and Negatives

XLS Medical DirectXLS Medical Direct  – Controls hunger, Reduces cholesterol, Binds up to 28% of dietary fats, Lose up to 3x more weight than with diet alone

Why You Might Buy It: Contains some good ingredients. A very well known and reputable brand

Why You Might Not: The only real advantage XLS Medical Direct has over similar products is it’s likely to be a lot easier to take.

Our Opinion: Good product – but our opinion is there are better products. Our preference is for PhenQ a multi benefit diet pill that has proven to be very popular in the US, Australia and Europe.

XLS Medical Direct Review

XLS Medical Direct is a fat binder manufactured in Europe by Omega Pharma and it’s a little different to most similar products because it’s produced as a powder and packed into small one-shot sachets.

Although the idea is not totally unique, powder-type supplements of this nature are usually designed to be mixed with water and consumed as a drink.

There is no need for water when taking XLS Medical Direct because the powder is designed to dissolve on the tongue.

This makes the product incredibly easy to use and may make it a good option for anyone who finds it difficult to swallow pills.

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Possible XLS Medical Direct Benefits

  • Controls hunger
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Binds up to 28% of dietary fats
  • Lose up to 3x more weight than with diet alone

What Is XLS Medical Direct and How Does It Work?

Fat binding products contain ingredients the body is unable to digest.

Fat binding ingredients also have the ability to soak up dietary fat and bond with it.

When this “binding” action occurs the bound fat cannot be processed and digested by the body either.

It passes through the digestive organs untouched, is unable to release any calories, and eventually exits the body as waste.

Each gram of fat that is digested in the normal way provides the body with nine calories, so using a good fat blocking product can be an effective way to lower the daily calorie intake.

XLS Medical Direct

However, anyone thinking of using this type of weight loss aid needs to be aware their faeces is likely to become softer and oilier than normal.

According to the marketing material, XLS Medical Direct blocks up to 28% of any fat that is consumed. That’s quite a lot and the presence of the fat binder and bound fat inside the stomach could have a filling effect that provides the promised hunger control.

Ingredient Profile

XLS Medical Direct only contains one active ingredient.

It’s a proprietary blend called Litramine. In all honesty, it’s just a branded prickly pear (opuntia ficus-indica) cactus extract.

The only difference between Litramine and similar extracts is the presence of some additional forms of soluble fibre that have been added to boost absorption.

Hundreds of years ago Indian tribesmen used to chew on opuntia ficus-indica to suppress their appetites while they were out hunting.

It’s fat binding abilities are a more recent discovery, but research conducted in 2014 proves prickly pear is a fat binder that works.

That does not necessarily mean that Litramine will work as well because the prickly pear content is diluted with other ingredients. However, the results of a sponsored study published in Obesity suggests that it does.

How to Use – Three sachets are needed per day. That one just after breakfast, another after lunch, and a third one just after the evening meal. XLS Medical suggest a treatment period of at least one month.

XLS Medical Direct Customer Comments

Customer reviews are mixed. A few average customer comments read:

“This works very well. I never expected it to, but it does. I’ve been using it three times per day and going running 5 nights per week. The weight is flying off and there has been no side effects at all.”
“Plenty of other people are saying it works for them but it does nothing for me.”
“I don’t like the taste of this at all and it feels really unpleasant on the tongue, but I have managed to lose a few pounds so it will be worth it in the end.
“I bought this because I find pills always get stuck in my throat. It’s easier to take but it hasn’t made me lose any weight at all so what’s the point?

Side Effects and Health Considerations

XLS Medical Direct is a vegetarian-friendly weight management product that does not contain any lactose or gluten.

Side effects don’t appear to be an issue but women who are pregnant or nursing an infant should always obtain medical approval before using weight management supplements.

The same advice is offered to people who are using medication or have existing health issues of any kind.

The Best Place to Buy XLS Medical Direct

Although it used to be possible to buy XLS Medical Direct from Chemist Warehouse and a number of other popular Australian online supplement stores and pharmacies, this no longer appears to be the case and a message on the manufacturer’s website states the product has been discontinued in Australia.


Products distributed under the Omega Pharma brand name are never provided with a money back guarantee.

The Final Appraisal

Although fat binders only provide a very limited level of support, they do have the potential to help certain people to lose weight.

The only real advantage XLS Medical Direct has over similar products is it’s likely to be a lot easier to take.

However, most people are likely to obtain far superior results by using a product that has better appetite suppressing capabilities, can accelerate the fat burning process, and provide additional benefits as well.

All of the top-selling diet pills work in this way and the best ones come with a money back guarantee.

However, further evaluation of the pros and cons of using XLS Medical Direct is pointless because Omega Pharma is no longer actively marketing the product in Australia.

Recommended Diet Product

PhenQ label

PhenQ is our highest rated diet pill and most popular diet product for 2021.

PhenQ can burn existing fat, block new fat from being absorbed by your body and suppress your appetite.

PhenQ has a long 60 day money back guarantee and offers FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

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Jane Wright has a wealth of experience in the supplement industry. She has been on both sides of the fence by first helping to create products and then critically reviewing them. Jane is a keen fitness fanatic and hates the current trend of fad diets. Jane’s No1 tip – Avoid products with hype and trendy new ingredients, tried and tested is the wiser choice. Read more here

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